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What is NIO?
  • NIO EC7 price
  • NIO EC7 electric
  • NIO EC7 specs
  • NIO EC7 overview
  • NIO EC7 price
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  • NIO EC7 price
  • NIO EC7 electric
  • NIO EC7 specs
  • NIO EC7 overview
  • NIO EC7 price
  • NIO EC7 crossover
  • NIO EC7 interrior

NIO EC7 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new NIO EC7

NIO EC7 price:

US$ 63722

manufactured inChina
sales start2023
range (km)635
battery (kWh)100
max. speed (km/h)200
0 to100 km/h3.8
power (h.p.)653
car typeSUV / 5 doors
drive typeAWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

NIO EC7 Video Review

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Video Review on NIO EC7
Video review

Unveiling the NIO EC7: The Epitome of High-Performance and Elegance in Electric Coupé SUVs

Stepping onto the electric stage with a flourish of innovation and allure is the NIO EC7. As a sequel to the admired EL7, it carves a niche in the bourgeoning coupé SUV arena, setting new benchmarks in aerodynamic flair and opulent indulgence.

Exterior Aesthetics: A Fusion of Grace and Aerodynamics

The EC7 imbibes the frontal aesthetics of its predecessor, the EL7, morphing it into a more pronounced coupé-like stature that turns heads. The rear end boasts an avant-garde full-width light bar coupled with an ingenious active spoiler that summons its presence at elevated velocities, slashing drag and crowning it as the epitome of aerodynamic SUVs with a remarkable drag coefficient of merely 0.23.

Interior Sophistication: A Symphony of Luxury and Tech

The sanctum of the EC7 is a mirror to the lavishness observed in the EL7, punctuated by a towering 12.8-inch infotainment behemoth. It houses Nomi, NIO’s cerebral digital companion, promising an interactive and engaging jaunt at every turn.

Driving Dynamics: Raw Power Meets Finesse

Encased within its sleek exterior is a dual-motor powerhouse thrusting forward 644 horsepower (480 kW) and unwinding a torque of 626 pound-feet (850 Nm). This crescendo of power hurtles the EC7 from stasis to 62 mph in a mere 3.8 seconds, with its velocity peak capped at 124 mph, situating it firmly among the elite in electric SUV performance.

Electrical Fortitude: Endurance Unleashed

Bidders on the EC7 have the privilege of selection between a stalwart 75 kWh or a robust 100 kWh battery pack, offering ranges exceeding 304 miles as per the Chinese CLTC cycle. A soon-to-arrive 150 kWh variant promises to shatter existing paradigms with a range eclipsing 584 miles, manifesting NIO’s commitment to electrifying horizons.

Luxurious Accouterments: Where Opulence Meets Utility

The EC7 spares no expense on extravagance, adorned with a panoramic glass roof, tri-zone climate control, and heated seats enveloping both front and rear, complemented by a symphonic 23-speaker premium sound system, ensuring a journey where comfort and entertainment transcend expectations.

Investment Perspective: Opulence at a Competitive Price Point

Marked at approximately $70,000 in its homeland China for the base model, scaling to just below $80,000 for the 100 kWh variant, the EC7 might command a premium over the EL7. However, its sportive aesthetics intertwined with superior aerodynamic performance, makes for a justifiable indulgence.

Parting Reflections: A Lucullan Venture into Electric Luxury

Marking its territory with innovative design, leading-edge technology, and formidable driving prowess, the NIO EC7 ascends as a highly sought-after jewel in the electric SUV domain. This chariot is not merely about aesthetic pleasure or luxury; it’s an ode to an enthralling drive experience while charting new courses in electrified vehicular design and eco-consciousness. With the electric horizon broadening, the NIO EC7 stands as a bold declaration from the Chinese automaker, ready to etch a significant chapter on the global stage. For aficionados of style, dynamism, and environmental stewardship, the EC7 emerges as a beacon, beckoning attention.

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