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NIO ES8 Price and Specs

Added to the EV Database on 31 October 2023
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price (NEW) from: 84300,00 $
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NIO ES8 Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new NIO ES8.

NIO ES8: A Trailblazing Electric SUV Dominating the Market

Among the fleet of electric vehicles, NIO's ES8 stands out as a front-runner. Currently reigning in the Chinese market, there's potential buzz about NIO marking its presence in European and North American territories.

Distinguishing the ES8: Not Just Another NIO Model

While NIO's portfolio includes other impressive models like the ES6 and EC6, the ES8 is the prodigious leader.

manufactured inChina
new from ($)84300
range (km)605
max. speed200
sales start2023
0 to100 km/h4.1
power (h.p.)653
battery (kWh)100
car typeSUV / 5 doors
drive typeAWD

Though the ES6 now claims higher sales, its dimensions and price are modest compared to the pioneering ES8. The EC6, despite predictions of high sales, retains a more compact frame and a lighter price tag.

Performance: Matching Sports Car Agility

Surprising many, the ES8's mammoth size doesn't hinder its agility. With its prime battery option, it dashes from 0–100 km/h in a mere 4.9 seconds, edging out even the Tesla Model 3 SR+. Its other variants, equipped with 70 kWh or 84 kWh batteries, boast the same acceleration, closely tailing the Tesla Model 3 Long Range's 4.6 seconds. Such acceleration benchmarks set the ES8 apart in the global SUV lineup.

Space and Comfort: A Class Apart

The ES8 personifies the perfect family SUV. Even its seven-seater model ensures the third-row occupants experience spaciousness, a feature not always guaranteed in competitors like the Tesla Model X.

Innovative Features: Setting the Bar High

NIO's unique offering – the battery swapping facility – stands as a testament to its innovation. Catering to the 'always in a rush' consumer, this facility allows a quick battery exchange at dedicated stations, ensuring the vehicle is always road-ready.

While other manufacturers have refrained from venturing into this domain, NIO's battery swapping feature is gaining traction in China.

Safety and technology intertwine in the ES8 with the inclusion of the Mobileye EyeQ4 chip, facilitating advanced driving assistance. With over 20 features upgradable through over-the-air updates, NIO has successfully rolled out 35 significant updates in just two years.

Luxury isn't compromised either. The ES8 is adorned with premium Nappa leather, an Intelligent Fragrance System, and diverse interior finishes, amplifying the traditional luxury quotient.

Comparative Analysis: NIO ES8 vs. Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X, a prime competitor, falls short when pitted against the ES8 in several aspects:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The ES8 sports a more wallet-friendly price tag.
  • Spaciousness: It offers enhanced headroom and legroom, particularly in the third row.
  • Battery Advantage: The unique battery swapping facility.
  • Opulent Interiors: A more traditional luxurious appeal.

Given these advantages, it's evident why the ES8 trumps the Model X in sales. And as more consumers discern the virtues of the ES8 over its competitors, its sales trajectory is poised to climb.

Market Dominance: The Uncontested Leader

Currently, the ES8 wears the crown in its vehicle segment. Its amalgamation of performance, luxury, and innovation positions it in a league where contenders are scarce.

Manufacturer: NIO

NIO ES8 Video Review

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NIO ES8 Price and Review - EV Database
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