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Roewe Ei5 Price and Specs

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  • Roewe Ei5 price
  • Roewe Ei5 3
  • Roewe Ei5 4
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Roewe Ei5 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Roewe Ei5

Roewe Ei5 price:

US$ 22700

manufactured inChina
sales start2018
range (km)420
battery (kWh)52.5
max. speed (km/h)150
0 to100 km/h8.3
power (h.p.)115
car typestation wagon
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Roewe Ei5 Video Review

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Video Review on Roewe Ei5
Video review

Roewe Ei5: The Electric Station Wagon Unveiled

In the kaleidoscope of motor vehicles, where innovation at times feels like a lost art, the Roewe Ei5 emerges as a luminary, painting its own path. This electric station wagon, sculpted by the minds at Roewe—a subsidiary of the titanic SAIC Motor—disrupts the typical station wagon narrative by offering an electropositive twist; an eco-conscious vessel exclusively propelled by electrons, becoming a noteworthy curiosity among modern chariots.

Specifications of the Electrifying Roewe Ei5

Electrical Agility Under the Hood

Boasting an electric motor that hums a tune of 115 horsepower, the Roewe Ei5 doesn't just promise to get you from A to B; it ensures a journey imbued with placidity and adequate verve for both urban escapades and the monotonous daily commute. The heart of its electron-fueled prowess lies in a 52.5 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery pack—a figure that, while shrouded in a veil of ambiguity by the manufacturers, promises an alluring blend of endurance and efficiency.

With a cruising capacity of 420 kilometers on a single charge, the Ei5 emboldens you to venture far and wide, unshackling drivers from the perennial range anxiety. The ability to surge to a maximum speed of 150 kilometers per hour allies seamlessly with both the demands of the fast lane and the leisurely pace of suburban rodeos.

Aesthetic and Functional Nobility

The silhouette of the Roewe Ei5, with its station wagon physique, offers a departure from the prosaic, blending utility with an aesthetic elegance rarely seen in its kin. Adornments are scarce, yet tasteful, with charging connectors ingeniously masqueraded behind a facade stylized akin to a radiator grille—a nod to tradition in an otherwise futuristic opus.

The tapestry of its interior weaves together the analogue with the modern, epitomized by an analogue speedometer—a rare spectacle in today’s digital era. Nestled within, the climate control unit perches on the central tunnel, a peculiar yet ergonomic choice. For those besotted with luxury, the Ei5 whispers sweet nothings of optional 'leather' upholstery, celestial sunroof views, power seats, and an omniscient rear-view camera.

The cargo chamber of this electric chariot unfurls with 401 liters of space beneath the shelf, expanding to a cavernous 1456 liters with the rear seats folded—a testament to its versatility and practicality.

Attainability and Accessibility

Crowning its appeal is its price tag; the Roewe Ei5 beckons with open arms at a commencement price of $22,700—a figure that tilts the scales favorably in its direction. Since its debut in 2018, it has offered sanctuary to those yearning for an electric vehicle that reconciles practicality, affordability, and a reduction of one's carbon footprint.

Casting the mold for what an electric station wagon can achieve, the Roewe Ei5 whispers tales of possibility, eco-consciousness, and distinctive allure. It stands as not just a vehicle, but a harbinger of an electrified horizon, enticing those who dare to be different and conscientious in their motoring choices.