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LANGQING LQY085 8 seater

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Last updated: 06 July 2023
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  • Langqing-LQY085-1
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  • LANGQING LQY085 8 seater price
  • Langqing LQY085 2
  • Langqing LQY085 3
  • Langqing LQY085 4
  • LANGQING LQY085 8 seater price
  • Langqing LQY085 2
  • Langqing LQY085 3
  • Langqing LQY085 4
Image credit: Langqing

LANGQING LQY085 8 seater Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new LANGQING LQY085 8 seater

LANGQING LQY085 8 seater price:

US$ 5600

manufactured inChina
range (km)80
max. speed (km/h)22
sales start2019
passengers (qty)8
battery typelead-acid

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Introducing the LANGQING LQY085 8-Seater Electric Mini Club Car

Behold the LANGQING LQY085 8 seater electric mini club car - an epitome of luxury melded with the forefront of technological innovation, straight from the industrious lands of China.

Ride the Distance: Astounding Range and Velocity

This magnificent chariot prides itself on a staggering 80 km autonomy post a single charge, a statistic too enticing to ignore. With a cruising velocity of 22 km/h, it adeptly marries comfort with efficacy, rendering it an ideal ally for serene escapades across the putting greens.

Since its debut in 2019, the LANGQING LQY085 has cemented its place as a formidable contender within the electric golf cart arena. It accommodates 8 passengers with ease, allowing you to share the exhilarating journey with kin and comrades alike.

High-Endurance Power: Robust Lead-Acid Battery

At its core, this dashing 8-seater golf cart harbors a mighty 48V/3KW DC motor, energized by a stalwart lead-acid battery. This dynamic duo not only fuels the cart's ventures but also assures steadfast performance and durability.

Eye-Catching Design: Peerless Comfort and Elegance

Fashioned from ABS Plastic and PP constituents, the LANGQING LQY085 makes no concessions in the aesthetic department. Its sleek, contemporary design, adorned with high-quality paint, and radiant hues make it a feast for the eyes. This petite golf cart dominates any green, drawing admiring stares from every direction.

Competitive Pricing: Where Quality Coalesces with Affordability

With the LANGQING LQY085, opulence is delivered at a surprisingly pocket-friendly price. Our goal is to strike a harmonious balance between premium quality and affordability, allowing our clienteles to bask in an exceptional product without the financial strain. For bulk purchases, incentive discounts are provided, highlighting our dedication to customer contentment.

Unrivaled Support: Our Pledge to You

At LANGQING, our priority is you. Anticipate a prompt response to any inquiry or concern - our devoted brigade assures a reply within a 24-hour window post-receipt of your communiqué. In the electric tourist vehicle domain, we distinguish ourselves with our steadfast commitment to client service.

Variety is Key: An Array Tailored to Diverse Preferences

Our 8-seater (6+2 configuration) golf cart is merely the tip of the iceberg. LANGQING takes pride in its extensive selection of vehicles, crafted to meet the diverse requisites of industrial and commercial patrons. Regardless of the intended use - be it for labor or leisure, we boast the quintessential vehicle for you.

In sum, the LANGQING LQY085 8 seater electric mini club car stands as a peerless amalgam of luxury, performance, and stylistic grace. The quest for the quintessential electric golf cart comes to a gratifying end. Strap in for a memorable voyage.

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