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Cenntro LM864H Price and Specs

What is Cenntro?
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  • Cenntro LM864H price
  • Cenntro LM864H 1
  • Cenntro LM864H 2
  • Cenntro LM864H 3
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Cenntro LM864H Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Cenntro LM864H

Cenntro LM864H price:

US$ 0

manufactured inGermany
sales start2023
range (km)300
battery (kWh)108.8
max. speed (km/h)84
0 to100 km/hunknown
drive typeRWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Cenntro LM864H Video Review

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Video Review on Cenntro LM864H
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Cenntro LM864H: Pioneering Hydrogen Power in Heavy-Duty Trucks

Fashioned in the industrious heart of Germany, the Cenntro LM864H ascends as a titan of innovation. This 6x4 semi-trailer is Cenntro's premier foray into the niche of hydrogen fuel cell technology and the robust world of heavy-duty truck craftsmanship.

Stellar Autonomy and Velocity

The Cenntro LM864H, with its formidable 108.8 kWh capacity, sets the standard with its endurance. Boasting an impressive journey stretch of 300 kilometers, it eclipses the performance metrics of numerous rivals. A top speed of 84 km/h symbolizes its steadfast productivity and operational prowess.

Debut and Cost Intelligence

Destined for an unveiling in the third quarter of 2023, the LM864H 108.8 kWh is on course to redefine the contours of the heavy-duty truck segment. While price particulars are yet to be unveiled, the fervor grows, fueled by its top-tier aspects and the promise of sustainable prowess.

Exploring the LM864H's Innovative Propulsion System

At the core of the Cenntro LM864H lies a voluminous 108.8 kWh battery, powering a dynamic Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) setup. The vigor of this semi-trailer is sourced from cutting-edge, ecologically sound hydrogen fuel cells.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Navigating Towards Ecological Transportation

Establishing new benchmarks, the Cenntro LM864H 108.8 kWh semi-trailer ushers in an environmentally friendly method of energizing heavy-duty transport. The vehicle employs eight 210-liter batteries, ingeniously engineered to convert hydrogen into electricity through a chemical interaction with oxygen, dismissing water as its only byproduct, thus, markedly diminishing its carbon emissions. Unlike conventional fuels, hydrogen fuel cells play a pivotal role in environmental stewardship.

Optimal Range and Swift Fueling

The Cenntro LM864H 108.8 kWh transcends the conventional hydrogen fuel cell truck archetype. It offers operational range and refueling capabilities that challenge even the most efficient diesel machines. It emerges as the quintessential companion for extensive voyages and demanding tasks in territories sparse with battery replenishing facilities.

The LM864H 108.8 kWh exerts beyond mere horsepower; it embodies Cenntro's pledge to a green tomorrow. Welcoming the hydrogen fuel cell era, this semi-trailer propels a monumental leap in crafting eco-friendly heavy-load transport methods. With mounting anticipation for the Cenntro LM864H 108.8 kWh, one reality stands unshakable: the transport domain perches on the brink of an ecological transformation.

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